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Our core business is providing the highest quality appraisals, market analysis and reports faster and more accurately than any other source. Appraisals supported by real market data and considered expert testimony in a court of law.


If you're looking for the best real estate appraiser in South Central PA. You can stop searching. With firm members appraising real estate in the Cumberland, Dauphin, York, Adams and Perry county areas since the 1970's, you'll be assured that your choice in Appraising PA is supported by decades of knowledge and experience.


Bankruptcy, Tax Grievance, Equitable Distribution, Estate, Divorce. Everything from Fair Market Value for Listing or Purchasing Property to Disputing Value in Eminent Domain cases. Mortgage Lending Retrospective Appraisals Commercial Appraisals

Resume and Licenses

Download appraiser resumes, insurance docs and licenses from the download link.



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